If you need urgent help from the police – or an ambulance:- dial 112

All victims of crime in Spain must report the incident to the Police.This is called making a denuncia, and is required by Spanish law for all cases – from bag snatching to serious crimes. Denuncias can made by phone – in Spanish or English – by dialling  902 102 112 This is a general emergency number and is VERY useful to know. Ask for somebody who speaks English – and then explain your problem. They will tell you what to do.

You can also make a denuncia via the official Spanish Police website – only in Spanish. You can also make a denuncia by visiting the nearest police station – Comisaría de Policia .

What is the biggest problem Spain is facing?

Crimes involving violence will usually have to be reported in person at a police station.
If necessary, and in major incidents, the Police will provide an interpreter. The easiest way to get around any language problems etc is to enlist the help of your hotel manager. They can explain what you need to do, and can usually help with filling in Spanish forms etc.

If your passport is stolen…
You must report it to the police first (as above). Then you will need to contact the nearest British Consulate to sort out a quick replacement. Call the emergency number 902 102 112 and ask to be connected to your nearest Consulate. The Consulate staff will tell you what to do.

If your Credit/Debit cards are stolen…
You must report it to the police and make a denuncia (as above) You must also contact your bank asap to have the cards stopped and replacements issued. You can find a list of British bank and Credit Card company phone numbers here

If you have to stay in hospital…
The UK Foreign Office can offer all kinds of help to British nationals. Phone 902 102 112 and ask to be connected with the British Consulate.

If your prescription medication is stolen or lost…
Contact the British Consulate via 902 102 112 for help and advice on getting replacement medication.

If someone you are with dies…
Contact the British Consulate via 902 102 112


  1. There are 2 people (one male one female) squirting “bird poo” on people and saying a bird has just done this, they act kindly and offer wetwipes. Today this happened to my husband and I near the camping sites and as they helped us wipe the mess he stole my gold cross and chain. Another couple told us this had just happened to them outside Rio Park. Tell everyone. look for them, stop them.

  2. I was the victim of an attempted sexual assault by another tourist who was a good lot bigger than me and had a knife which I was able to get off him which didn’t stop him attacking I’m experienced with self defence and blocked/ dodged so many punches from him I forgot to mention his right hand had a very tight grip on my left arm so I couldn’t get away, his attack wasn’t slowing down it only seemed to be growing and he was getting more aggressive, my defending myself was not enough to discourage him and I knew he would only have to get me once with his punch and I would be more than likely unconscious, I had to react and get away from him but I was so scared and worried if he would kill me when he got what he was after, this was happening so fast and I knew I had to fight back so I did I kicked and punched aimed for his eyes with my fingers but nothing I learned from any self defense was making a difference it was like water off a ducks back, I dodged another punch leaned down to grab the knife and started stabbing his arms but he barely flinched and still wasn’t letting me go I stabbed him in the chest I don’t know how many times but he let go and I ran, I was looking for the police but when they turned up I was arrested and put in custody for around a week the police couldn’t really speak English and I was treated like a criminal I got bail and was supposed to return two weeks later but after how I was treated I never went back, I was afraid to and since this happened I’ve been told that I’m on the anti terrorist watch list and I will be arrested on arrival in any European country,I never wanted to leave Ireland again but Its so hard when my family or friends are going away and I have to stay home so I won’t be treated like a criminal, its not fair that that man wasn’t charged for the attack on me and I’m the big bad wolf for defending my life, if anyone knows how I can get this cleared up please give me a shout thanks so much

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