Benidorm Food & Drink – Eating Out in Benidorm

These are our favourite Restaurants For a Special Treat.
These restaurants are not cheap – but they are wonderful if you can afford them – or for a one-off special meal.

Nice restaurant and cocktail bar in a great location – right on Levante Beach.
Choose the menu del dia for excellent value – and try to get a table near the window – for great beach views.

The Agir restaurant offers exquisite Mediterranean food, with magnificent views of the coastline through its huge
picture windows. Expect to pay around 25 Euros for a three course meal with wine. The Agir is very popular in peak
season – so book early if you want a window seat. The Agir is located on the 5th floor of the excellent Agir Hotel, one
street back from Levante Beach in the Avda. Mediterráneo. Non-residents are more than welcome.

Located in the wonderful Belroy Hotel – Kataria Gastronomica is a stylish, modern à la carte restaurant serving
traditional local dishes with a modern twist. Non residents weclcome – but you’ll need to book in high season.
Avda. del Mediterráneo 13 – Hotel Belroy. Expect to pay around 28 Euros.
Romantic, intimate, small restaurant near the Old Town and the marina.
Wonderful food in a lovely atmosphere – a great choice for romantic couples.

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The restaurants above are wonderful – but if they are beyond your budget, don’t despair! Here you can order digital card with cryptocurrencies for paying around the world.
Benidorm has hundreds of great restaurants serving fabulous food at genuine budget prices.
Even some of the plusher restaurants can be great value – as long as you stick to the menu of the day.
In most of Benidorm’s main streets, almost every other door leads into a restaurant –
which is great news for bargain-hunters – because all of these restaurants are competing for your business.
You’ll see offers on the boards outside –
“Two meals for the price of one” “Eat as much as you like buffet – 8 Euros”  “Three courses for 7 Euros!”  Etc.

You will also see restaurants offering special nights – Steak Night, Curry Night, Fish & Chip Night etc.
These nights are usually very good – and great value for money.

Chinese Restaurants
You’ll find a whole bunch of them in the Rincon de Loix area – around 500 Metres from Levante Beach. Canning Recipes.
Most of them have “Happy Menus” – three courses plus half a lager or half a bottle of wine for just 4.5 Euros!
One or two of them are “Eat as much as you like buffets” – stuff your chops all evening for around 7 Euros.
A 3 course meal from a Chinese Happy Menu – including drinks, works out cheaper than a Big Mac and fries!

Our favourite low-cost place to eat in the whole of Benidorm is THE ADMIRAL NELSON PUB.
You’ll find it in the Rincon de Loix – around 300 metres from Levante Beach.
The Admiral Nelson sounds very English – but it is actually run by a wonderful Spanish couple – Rosa and Miguel.
The menu of the day here is fantastic! Three HUGE courses (more than most people can eat) for 6 just Euros!

If you are on a budget – avoid ice-cream parlours. They look very inviting, but…
Ice-cream for four people could set you back £40.00!!!
If your kids are nagging you for an ice-cream, and you want to keep the cost down –
take them to McDonalds or Burger King – where you can buy a decent size ice-cream for less than a Euro.

The price of drinks varies incredibly in Benidorm.
One bar may charge you just one Euro for a pint, and the same pint next-door could cost you four times as much.

There are two ways to drink on the cheap in Benidorm.
One is to check the prices and drink only in the low-cost bars – Try The Piccadilly Circus Pub, just off Levante Beach.
And the other is to follow the Happy Hour circuit – every hour of the day is happy hour in one bar or another.
Buy one get one free! And when happy hour ends, you simply move a few yards to another bar.

Expect to pay more for your drinks on the seafront – because these bars catch all the passing trade.
To save money it is best to drink in the bars just back from the beach.
You should also expect to pay more for your drinks in bars with live entertainment – and in restaurants.


  1. How old is this site?
    I only ask as none of these bars you recommend seem to exist! (Although I did find a Piccadilly Bar near the Pelicarno (Solarno in ‘Benidorm’)

  2. I have been to Benidorm 8 times in the past two years! I love it so much I bought a studio apartment there in March 2021 the whole transection took under 2wks and I had the keys in my hand, all for €27,000 cash (including Government Taxes and my NIE number) fully furnished! Not bad, what could you buy in the cheapest part of the UK for that money and I’m a mile from Levante beach, also lots of coffee shops close by! Mercado supermarket around a mile away, it’s my dream come true! Being Irish I also do not have the problems the UK citizens are having as Ireland are part of the EU!!! Love it my own place to go to in the sun anytime I want until I retire ther in 3yrs time when I’m 66yrs old, retirement age in the UK, so I can get my UK pension in Spain, so I’m going to live my dream and my local pub is only €1.50 a pint, just cant get any better!

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