Crossing the Spanish border from France – Unvaccinated UK resident

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I’m a UK national, unable to be vaccinated, but need to get to my holiday home in Spain. It’s been left empty for a long, long time now and I’m worried, particularly given the dreadful weather this year.

As I understand it, there may be a route for me to enter Spain by driving down through France and providing a negative PCR test at the border. I’ve heard this referred to as a ‘loophole’. Anybody care to clarify this please? I’d also be very interested to hear from anybody in a similar situation who has crossed the Spanish border from France by car. Are border checks actually taking place? Surely every road from France to Spain cannot be checked.

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  1. We’ve just recently driven down from the Uk and other than the border controls at Folkestone there are no border controls when crossing from France into Spain. Hope this helps.

  2. There are no requirements for any checks entering Spain from France by road. All checks were cancelle by a state bulletin a little while back.

    Another state bulletin from yesterday now allows those from UK to enter Spain with a negative covid test, PCR test within 72 hours or antigen test within 24 hours.

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