Restaurant recommendations with outside for Evora, Caceres, Segovia & Salamanca

We’re heading to Evora, Caceres, Segovia & Salamanca late August. Evora & Caceres are a do-over for our Portugal (plus Caceres) trip back in 2019 where I broke my foot and we had to return to the US early (and had to skip those spots). I had restaurants all picked out for those two spots but for this trip we’ve added some additional days in both (so need more places). With covid we’re hoping to eat outside as much as possible. I’ve gone through my restaurants and a couple do have outside but hoping to get some recommendations for others you enjoyed that have outside seating (specifically for dinner). We aren’t fancy so not looking for Michelin star type places. We do try to avoid the super touristy spots (basically we like to eat where the locals eat). Here’s where I had us booked or my top picks for both from the last round or research to give you an idea. Any suggestions would be welcome (or feedback on these, it’s been a while since I did my research so things could have changed!).

Taberna Tipca Quatra Feira- seems they have added a couple of tables outside
Terceiro Tempo- this one is now closed
Restaurante Sao Domingos- doesn’t appear to have outside
Coruja a Mesa-doesn’t appear to have outside
Dona Laura-doesn’t appear to have outside

Caceres-original trip had 2 nights, now we have 4
La Maltraviesa- has outside
Tapara- has outside

Salamanca & Segovia are new. I have some spots picked out but would love suggestions.

Thanks in advance!


  1. We were just in Evora last month. We didn’t make reservations ahead of time so it was difficult to get seating in places at the popular places. One restaurant we did go to and loved is Tabua do Naldo. And it does have outdoor seating. Naldo is a charming character, too.

  2. Evora:
    An enthusiastic second to Tabua do Naldo, and let the charming chef design a menu for you–warning, very copious portions of delicious, hearty Alentejo cuisine.
    Other rec: Enoteca Cartuxa, the lovely wine bistro of the Cartuxa winery–must have reservations–on our 1st attempt we were turned down but sent to Tabua do Naldo, a great recommendation, of course

    El Fogón de Eustaquio (outside seating) on the Plaza de San Juan, the square where you’ll find several tapas bars with terrace dining

    Salamanca: (not sure that all have outdoor dining, but these are the most lauded casual spots in this city, now with a buzzy dining scene)
    Tapas 2.0
    Tapas 3.0
    La Sastrería del Mercado on the Plaza del Mercado with terrace
    Every tapas bar on the exquisite Plaza Mayor has outdoor seating, such as the venerable Mesón Cervantes–great croquettes–and Las Tapas de Gonzalo (the casual spot of the Mesón de Gonzalo)

    Segovia: (this is hard)
    –we were just there and not much outside dining other than the tables on the terrace of the roast suckling pig institution, El Mesón de Cándido, next to the aqueduct. There’s a new place next door to Cándido whose outdoor terrace with heaters looked nice.
    El Secreto de San Clemente has a terrace next to the aqueduct.
    Our favorite place for tostón (roast suckling pig) and lechazo (roast suckling lamb), José María doesn’t have a terrace.

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