Portugal, Spain, or Croatia for Honeymoon?

Portugal, Spain, or Croatia for Honeymoon?
Hello! My husband and I will be going on our honeymoon in mid-September. We will be going to Rome and the Amalfi Coast for the first part of the trip, but wanted to add one more country to the last part of our trip. We are deciding between Lisbon, Barcelona, or Croatia. We will only have 3-4 days to explore one of these cities. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I realize this is not answering your question, but some questions that will help.
    Where else have you traveled?
    Which places have you enjoyed the most?
    Which is more important to you? Beautiful landscapes, vistas, coastline or amazing architecture and buildings? Art, food, etc?
    Have you been to other places in Italy?
    How much time are you allowing in Rome and on the Amalfi Coast?
    Did you consider any other places in Italy?
    In planning are you allowing for one day and possibly one night of travel at the beginning, more in between places and at the end?
    Note: with three days, you are not really going to another country, as in Spain or Portugal. You would be going only to one city for a brief visit. You don’t want opinions based on the thought that you might be going to see the country.
    Have you already booked any flights that you must take into account?

  2. Barcelona tends to fill up with conferences in September, but this year…. who knows

    I know them all and I’d go to Croatia

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