Independent guide to Benidorm hotels, Benidorm apartments, Benidorm clubs, Benidorm bars, Benidorm restaurants, Benidorm beaches, Benidorm attractions. Sections on getting to Benidorm, Benidorm airport transfers, Benidorm transport. Benidorm car hire, Benidorm crime, Benidorm health care, Benidorm for families, Benidorm for couples, Benidorm for pensioners, Benidorm for Singles, Benidorm for the disabled, Benidorm in winter. Benidorm Guide also has guides to Living in Benidorm, working in Benidorm, driving in Spain, and a Benidorm Golf Guide.
Welcom to Benidorm
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We love Benidorm!
But Benidorm s not everyone’s cuppa tea.
Benidorm Guide tells it as it REALLY is.
Find out if Benidorm is right for you.
Welcome to Benidorm
Getting to Benidorm
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What’s the best way to get to Benidorm?
Which UK airports can you fly from?
Which airlines REALLY offer the best deals?
How can you get to your Benidorm Hotel?
Getting to Benidorm

Maps & Guides

Find your way around Benidorm – including
the best beachesThe Old Town, the best
hotels, best clubs, best restaurants, best
bars and best attractions with our
Maps & Guides
Where to stay
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Benidorm has hundreds of places to stay.
Some of them are wonderful, but sadly
some of them are pretty dire! We will help
you sort the peaches from the lemons!
Benidorm Accommodation Guide

Clubs & Bars
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Benidorm has more entertainment venues
than any other town in Spain.
From the very classy Benidorm Palace to
some incredibly tacky cabaret bars.
Benidorm Entertainment Guide
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Are Benidorm’s attractions as good as they
are cracked up to be? Should you visit
them? Are they really worth the money?
We tell it as it is! This is what we think.
Benidorm Attractions Guide

Benidorm for Families
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Benidorm is a great choice for a fantastic
low-budget family holiday. But not
everywhere in Benidorm is family-friendly.
We tell you how to get it right.
Benidorm for families
Benidorm for Couples
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A romantic holiday needn’t cost a fortune.
Benidorm has dozens of wonderfully
romantic hotels and restaurants.
Fan the flames or rekindle the spark!
Benidorm for couples

Benidorm for Singles
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Benidorm is the original sun n fun resort.
Every hour is happy hour in Benidorm.
We name the raunchiest clubs, the rowdiest
pubs and the sexiest hotels for singles.
Benidorm for singles
Benidorm for Pensioners
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Pensioners love Benidorm!
Many of them spend the entire winter here.
Find out why in our special section
dedicated to more mature visitors.
Benidorm for Pensioners

Benidorm for Вisabled
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Is Benidorm a good choice for disabled
visitors? Can Benidorm provide suitable
facilities and a safe environment for less
mobile visitors? Actually YES!
Benidorm for the disabled
Gay Benidorm

Benidorm may be brash and tacky,
but it’s also a lot of fun.
And, in the heart of the old town, Benidorm
has one of the best gay villages in Europe.
Gay Benidorm
Benidorm in Winter
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What’s Benidorm like out of season?
How’s the weather? Is everything open?
Is Benidorm a sensible choice for a winter
break – or should you go further south?
Benidorm in winter
Moving to Benidorm
If you decide to move to Benidorm:
What should you know about…Buying property in Benidorm?
Will you have to join a register?
What about benefits & pensions?
What about Medical Care?
Driving in Spain – what are the laws?Will your kids cope in Spanish schools?
What about your pets – can they come too?
Problems in Benidorm
Benidorm Crime
The most common crimes in Benidorm?
What if you are the victim of a crime?
What if you are charged with a crime?
User Manuals
Benidorm Medical Care
What should you do if you get sick?
What medical help is available?
Will you have to pay?
Benidorm Scams
We tell you about the local scams, how to
recognise them and how to avoid them.