Tangiers vs. Granada?

I was planning 15-16 day trip in Spain with 2-3 days in Lisbon. While in Granada, found out a day trip to Morocco ( Tangier ). Saw videos and reviews about Tangier. Does not look exciting. Then read good reviews about Marrakech. I am wondering if , due to limited time not go to Lisbon, or give up some days.in Spain. I am willing to take domestic flights and save time even if it costs more. I know there are flights between Madrid and Marrakech as well as Lisbon and Marrakesh. Please suggest which cities to forego. ? Can I fly to Marrakech for 2 nights only.

Had planned 2 nights Madrid, 3 Barcelona. Train Madrid to Cordoba and reach night to Seville. Tour Seville next day and stay another night in Seville. 3 nights Granada . Flight Seville to Barcelona. 3 nights Barcelona, fly to Lisbon and was coming home to US from Lisbon but now after reading about 2nd best place to visit, thinking about not doing day trip to Tangier and fly to Marrakesh.. Need help what to give up Lisbon, Marrakesh, Madrid , Seville , Granada?


  1. No question. Go to the Alhambra.

    While I did find visiting Tangiers interesting, many people dislike it. The Alhambra was a highlight of my trip to Spain. I spent the better part of a day there.

  2. I haven’t been to Tangiers, but I have been to Marrakesh and Casablanca. It is not meaningful to compare Tangiers and Granada. This is a dumb comparison, but because you’re from Detroit: it’s remotely like comparing Cleveland (which I kind of like-lived in Shaker Heights two years) and Dayton. Should I have said Toronto and Detroit? I don’t know.

    Rick, with some good reason, places value on unique experiences that are within reach of average travelers. He also believes in broadening perspectives. There are plenty of great places in Spain (and Gibraltar, which is NOT a favorite of mine) that you don’t have time to see. Forget about Tangiers for this particular trip.

    Like most newsboard posts, this is an OPINION.

  3. I have never been to Morocco and can’t make a real comparison. But the Alhambra is one of the jewels in the crown of Spanish tourist sites and Granada overall a wonderful city. I have never heard anything similar said about Tangier (other African cities are great, of course, but perhaps not that one).
    However, even if you still fancied Tangier there is also the practical problem. You don’t give the rest of your route, but I suspect it will be much easier to include Granada. As you noted, for Tangier you’d need first to get to Tarifa (pleasant enough, but not a particularly worthwhile town to visit), then cross over. And then do it in reverse.

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