How is Spain’s relationship with the rest of South America?

I’m writing this because Portugal has a very…peculiar relationship with us. The relationship between Portugal and Brazil is very similar to the one between Britain and the US, portuguese people like to say that their dialect is the “original language” and that brazilian portuguese is kind of like a simplified version of it. They also like to act all high and mighty and superior to us because they were once a rich and powerful colonial power and act like brazilians are all stupid, ignorant imbeciles, despite one of the main thing that portuguese people like to bitch about online is how “brazilian influence is corrupting portuguese culture” since nothing of relevance ever happens over there and pretty much every piece of media or entertainment in portuguese comes from here.

Anyway, putting my saltiness aside, i was wondering if something similar to that happens with Spain and the rest of South America.

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  1. As a Galician which lived in a number of Latin American countries (including Brazil)…I would say the relationship is OK. There are a lot of similarities, even if both sides don´t like to admit it.

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