Discourage me from moving to Spain!

My aim with this request is to hear your bad and negative experience after relocating to Spain. I am living with my husband and a preschool child in Germany. Since a couple of years we are thinking of relocating to Spain because of warmer people, nicer weather, better food and nature. But being a tourist isn’t the same as being a resident, so I would like to know what are the arguments to NOT relocate to Spain. (except maybe the income question, which is understandable and expected that we may get smaller salaries).
Also I know it’s hard for black people like us. For example, throughout the country, even in cosmopolitan cities such as Madrid, I found it oddly difficult to find a barber that catered to people with hair like mine. Even with the large amounts of African immigrants, I didn’t find stores that sold products that catered to African-Americans. Moreover, the nightlife seemed lacking in entertainment that I am used to in the states. Dance clubs in Spain played all types of music from around the world except hip-hop and R&B. These small adjustments and many others, of course, come with the territory, but still.


  1. If you work remotely and can keep your german salary here, I recommend you move without a second thought, but if you plan to work here the beer won’t seem that cheap when you have a spanish salary.

    I live in a area full of german and british people but they usually move here when they get retired, so they can live a very comfortable live here with their pension.

  2. Catalonia here, we are expected to get a maximum temperature of 46°C, bloody hell don’t get here OP if you can’t take the heat. Yeah, being near the coast would make the things better, but then you will be murdered,

    by rent.

  3. I moved to Spain from Sweden for many of the reasons you mentioned. I can’t know how much better it would have been if there hadn’t been a pandemic… but there was a pandemic. Spain’s economy has long been garbage. The pandemic has made sure it will be a long, long time before there is any hope of recovery. This is the largest hardship here, I would say. I live on the border of the Basque Country, in the north. The heat here isn’t so bad. The nightmare bureaucracy is very real. But if you can handle the heat (I’ve previously lived in Barcelona. It’s hotter than here, but manageable), the economy is the largest concern, I would say.

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