Why do Europeans love Spain ;

Ive been looking at some YouTube videos titled “which country do you love the most”, and it seems that most of the residents of western Europe pick Spain. Do you know why that is? Personally I’ve only been to Barcelona (from Canada), and I didn’t see anything super special about that region, but I‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­don’t know much else about the country. But I reallylike people, in Spain, most of people is nice. They treat you well anywhere and always with asmile. Any waiter treats you wonderfully and not as if they are doing you a favor. When you ask something in the street, anyone explains it to you kindly and not as if you were bothering them.

At least in my circles, visiting France or Italy is much more of an aspirational goal. Spain? Not so much.

What is the biggest problem Spain is facing?

France and Italy are both famous for their fashion, food, and cultural sights. Spain only has cultural sights, their food isn’t that famous. And fashion…you mean Zara?

A person can come across as being higher class by claiming to have vacationed in France and Italy; get more of an “Ooooo” reaction. Bragging about going to Spain is like bragging about going to Austria.



  1. You have to see it in context.

    The context here is that these wealthy Europeans live in very strict and expensive countries where the weather sucks.

    Then during summer, they have Spain that is only a short flight away from their homes. Spain has all the benefits and services that you’d expect from a first world EU country. So it’s secure, it has free healthcare for Europeans and everything else is at EU’s high standards.

    Then you gotta understand that vacationing is relatively cheap and that the law enforcement is lax. You’ll easily find botellonas in Spain, which is highly illegal in the rest of Europe. Here the police barely cares.

    And finally there are the usual suspects: the weather is good, the food is amazing, the infrastructure is decent (many airports, high speed rail, beach infrastructure).

    Oh and before I forget: there is a lot of choice: You can go to Ibiza for expensive parties. Sevilla/Granada for culture trips. Canary Islands for island life. Etc etc

  2. If it wasn’t for the labor and salary situation, this would easily be one of the top five countries in the world to live.

  3. Drinking in the street is legal almost everywhere but Spain. Other than that you are right.

    Context on the ban, there were massive parties on the street eve day until very late at night, this the ban. In other countries due to weather and less party mentality it just doesn’t happen so ut is not needed

  4. I don’t know what europeans love about Spain, but i can tell you that just going to Barcelona doesn’t explain it.

    Don’t misunderstand me, it’s actually one of my favorite cities in the country, artistically and culturally, people there is kind and understanding, and you can find anything anywhere.

    But you need to go south and know more about us, how varied this country is, how beautiful it can be, how you can see traces of all the cultures that were here before us.

    Just going to one city doesn’t cut it, it’s not enough to judge the whole country.

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