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My wife and I are travelling back to where we first met in Spain, reliving our past life….. We were there in ’77 and want to go to the exact building where we met all those years ago in Sitges… we were backpacking round as many of you have also done back then and the 5 and 10 $ a day books were everywhere….. we have scoured old book stores and the net far and wide but have come up empty…..

What we are after is the actual address (street number and street name) of a hotel/hostel in Sitges called the “Terminus”, we think it appeared in the book as a place to stay…… there is a hostel in Sitges now with a similar name on the net called “Hostal Termes”. We don’t think this is the place we are after, but will check it out when we are there in a few days….

We would like any forum member who has an older (’76 or soon after) version of the $5/10 a day book (we note that bigtyke, a forum member, mentioned he has a copy and there are probably others) to have a look in it for us and post the address here… we don’t feel anyone will be breaching any copyright laws in doing so. It will be such a thrill for a couple of silly oldies to be back at the exact place we started our lives together all those years ago.

Hopefully someone will help us out and come up with the, up until now, elusive address…
thanks Mr C


  1. Can’t help you specifically, MrCreosote, but if can recall approximately where in Sitges the hostel was you might go to Google maps and zoom in to the street views. Then “walk around” and see if you recognize anything. The name may have changed, but if the architecture was distinctive, you may get lucky.

  2. I have Europe on $5 a Day 1969-70 and Europe on $10 a Day 1977-78. There is no mention of Sitges in either book. As far as Spain goes, Madrid has a full chapter, and the Costa Brava and Barcelona have brief listings in the “Tales of Many Cities” section. No mention of Sitges in either book. Perhaps you found it in another book? Was Frommer publishing a Spain book at that time?

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