Benidorm Long-Stay Apartments
Unlike many holiday towns, Benidorm never closes. And the weather here is perfect all year round.
Which makes Benidorm a popular choice with Brits who want to escape the misery of winter at home.

If you decide to join the thousands of winter migrants who spend more than a month in Benidorm, you need to look
for a deal on a long-stay apartment, house or villa. This is the best way to proceed.

Firstly, don't book with a holiday company - they are not geared up for long term lets and their prices are high.

The best way to find a long-let is with a specialist Benidorm letting-agency or a Benidorm estate agent.
Long lets (more than a month) start at around £300 a month for a basic one bedroom apartment.
£350 a month should get you an apartment in a decent location - with a balcony/terrace etc.

£400 - £450 a month should get you a bigger (2 bedroom) apartment in a nice building with good facilities.
This is also the starting rate for a small house/villa with shared pool etc.

A luxury apartment - or a beach-front apartment will set you back around £550 a month.

Over £700 should get you a luxury villa or super luxury apartment -
but not from the holiday companies - they will charge you a lot more!

There are plenty of letting agencies and estate agents in Benidorm - so shop around!