Getting Around Benidorm
The Benidorm public bus service is very good - punctual, reliable, and cheap.
Local trips cost around 1 Euro - and even trips to nearby towns (like Albir or Altea) only cost 1.2 Euro.
Bus stops can be found every few hundred yards on most of Benidorm's main roads, and most of the bus
stops have easy to understand timetables. Buses run from early morning until around 11.30PM.

Taxis are easy to find day and night all year round.
They rank up in dozens of locations around town - often outside the posher hotels.
You can also hail a taxi on the street - they display a green light or a "Libre" sign when they are available.
Fares vary according to the time of day or night but the average trip within town costs less than 10 Euros.
If you plan to make a longer journey by taxi, ask the driver for the total cost before you accept the ride.

Note: Taking a taxi to or from the airport is not a great idea - it will set you back around £80.00.
It is far cheaper to book an
Airport transfer service.

Renting a car is another convenient way of getting around Benidorm.
There are several Benidorm Car Rental companies to choose from - but to be perfectly honest if you plan
to spend most of your holiday in Benidorm - you won't need a rental car.
Driving within the town is no fun at all - too many narrow roads, not enough parking and easy to get lost.

If you want to venture further afield and explore the area around Benidorm then a rental car makes sense.
You will need both parts of your UK Driving Licence (The photo card and the paper section) to rent a car
here. Most of the well-known car hire companies have offices in Benidorm as well as at Alicante Airport.
Important: Make sure you understand
Spanish Driving Laws before you take to the roads here!

You can also hire bikes and mopeds at several locations around town.
And for the less mobile - or the plain lazy - you can hire mobility scooters. These are very common in
Benidorm, probably because of the huge number of pensioners who spend the winter here.